It was February 2020. I attended two large performances. Thousands of bodies, joined together in a common experience, our lives spinning and swirling in our own directions yet coming together for this magical moment.

And then, just a few weeks later, the pandemic shut the world down.

Remember that? When it was hard to even find toilet paper? Take a moment and really remember it, with your whole being. Your nervous system remembers.

This series is about that time. When the shared experience was our separation, our ‘stuckness’.

I was drawn to these pieces of nature stuck in ice as a metaphor, as ultimately, we are all nature. These pieces were once floating through the air, free and going on their way…and then they got stuck. For months. The sun still shone, but they were stuck in their position, unable to move and unable to reach each other. Waiting.

Eventually the spring came and like all moments, the landscape shifted, the ground thawed and the potency of this time passed. But yet if we close our eyes and clear our mind, our primal beings remember the stuckness. Did we learn anything while we were stuck? What did we leave behind and what did we take away from that experience?

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