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I grew up on the East Coast in a large Italian family.  In 2012, I moved to San Francisco with my then boyfriend, and it wasn’t long before we got married and had a beautiful baby boy.  Since becoming a mom, I understand even more how precious the moments are and how quickly they change.

I have been photographing professionally since 2007, working for all kinds of clients in every kind of lighting situation and location imaginable.  I believe that all those years of working in uncertain conditions has made me better able to respond intuitively to changing situations and recognize those shining moments to capture.  Scroll down for full details on my photography career.

In addition to being a photographer, I also teach prenatal, postnatal, and vinyasa yoga in San Francisco.  I find that my yoga teaching is a wonderful complement to my photography.  Yoga reminds me to look at a shooting assignment from every angle, to notice the small moments, and I am not afraid of holding a squat or a weird position for a long time to capture the perfect image!  If you’re interested in checking out my yoga offerings, I can be found at:  http://www.ericatayloryoga.com/


My Path as a Photographer

My first memory of getting into photography was when I was eight years old and went to DisneyWorld with my family.  I had a new camera and documented every aspect of our trip, making my family pose with our fingers pointed towards whatever attraction we were standing near. Needless to say, I don’t employ this posing technique anymore but it sure is funny to look back at these pictures!

My next memory was when I was about 10 years old.  I moved all the furniture away from a blank white wall in my room, set up lamps for lighting, and posed my 2 year old brother in various outfits, capturing him with my Polaroid camera.

I went on to study photography more seriously in college, falling in love with black and white photography in the darkroom.  My studies continued in my twenties at the New England School of Photography in Boston, where I took night classes while I worked a day job in finance.  I continued pursuing primarily black and white photography, studying Ansel Adam’s Zone System theory of making the perfect negative.  I produced mostly landscape and night photography in medium and large format film (think black cloth over your head, giant negatives, calculations on paper before you shoot, and long exposures sometimes up to 45 minutes for one image!)  I learned so much during this process about how to be patient and try to capture exactly what I want on my negative.  I also refined my darkroom printing techniques and exhibited my work in juried shows, garnering an Honorable Mention from the Black and White Magazine photo contest.

About this time, my passion for photography was transitioning into a career.  I got a gig with a local Boston magazine capturing events.  For several years, I captured hundreds of events in the Boston social scene for magazines and marketing agencies, from fashion shows to charity galas, bartender competitions to restaurant openings.  This was when my work in digital and color photography took off.  I also got a ton of practice photographing in every light and space situation imaginable (including one memorable party where all the lights went out and fake escape convicts rappelled down from 100 foot ceilings while search lights and sirens were going off)!

At the same time I was growing my photography career, I was also studying yoga part-time in Costa Rica.  While living there, I spent some time as a surfing and yoga photographer…my commute to work was pretty sweet:  placing my camera bag in the basket of my beach cruiser bike and pedaling to the beach or jungle!

Now that I am more settled in San Francisco, many of my assignments have been for families, capturing newborns, babies, and magical moments.  But I have also been recently hired to photograph yoga, food, spaces, headshots, etc.

I mostly shoot in digital these days although I still love and appreciate film.  I do sometimes miss the meditative nature of being in the darkroom, but especially with a young family I am happy to leave the chemicals behind.

If my style of shooting speaks to you, I welcome inquiries for all kinds of work.  Thank you so much for your interest!



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